Sponsorship Guidelines

The following guidelines seek to maximize your participation while maintaining professional impartiality. These guidelines are formulated with consideration given to existing guidelines of the Canadian Medical Association and Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies.

  • Logos, marks and/or corporate identifiers used for recognizing ISH 2018 Supporters are limited to ‘corporate’ marks.
  • ISH 2018 program agendas and contents are determined by the ISH 2018 Scientific Program Planning Committee, independent of influence from previous and prospective supporters or their agents.
  • Industry may not organize any functions involving ISH 2018 delegates that will conflict with any educational sessions or global social events. Industry promotions should enhance the activities of ISH 2018 and never interfere with the official program. Penalties, including loss of first right of refusal for sponsorship, will be applied at the discretion of the Host Organization.
  • The name and/or logo of ISH 2018 and/or the Host Organization may not be used in conjunction with advertising or promotion of any kind without the expressed written permission from the host.
  • Program presentations of ISH 2018 may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the host.
  • Unless otherwise stated, opportunity fees do not include final artwork production or sample costs.
  • A signed contract agreement for sponsorship is firm. Details of the cancellation policy will be outlined in your sponsorship confirmation letter.